Who can apply for a rental apartment?

Some of our apartments have a selection for resident. The selection is done based on the application (for example urgency of dwelling). There are also defined wealth and income limits depending on the municipality.

What is a right of residence?

A person moving into a right of residence flat makes a right of residence allowance of 15% which you will get back after you move out (adjusted by the index of the original residence allowance). The amount on the 15% is calculated from the total acquisition price of the flat. You will also pay a monthly rent which is lower than rent of a similar renting apartment in that area.

Here are few things about the right of residence (Asumisoikeus):

  • there are restrictions for wealth, but not for incomes
  • You need to apply the queue number of the town or municipal you wish to move in. You need to have your personal queue number, even though the apartment is vacant.
  • You can apply the number from the housing office of the town or municipal you wish to move in.

Moving in

Welcome to your new home. Here are some important information on matters relating to moving and living.

Notice of arrival/departure

For notice of arrival/departure, please do the following:

  • Inform the jurisdictional district’s registry office (Population Register Center) all the persons moving in/out
  • Inform the maintenance company all the persons moving in/out (after this the maintenance company can place your name on the door and is allowed to open the door for the tenants if needed)

Inspection of the apartment

Residents have the right to inspect the apartment when moving in. Please fill in the electronical form that you have received by email at the beginning of the lease. If you discover any issues in the condition of the flat, please mark them in the inspection form. Even if you have no remarks to make, please return the form within one week after moving to avoid any misunderstandings in the future. The form can also be sent electronically to asukasisannointi@yhkodit.fi


The rent of the apartment includes a broadband connection. Check broadband supplier and functionality in the apartment. Broadband operates in one box (computer or telephone). Make sure where the box is located before ordering any additional services (e.g. Soneran Koti-TV  / Elisa Viihde). Any changes in the boxes will be made by the tenant at his own expense. You need a permission for the changes by YH Kodit before making any alterations. Please contact the property management.

Payment and rent supervision

The transfer form for rent payment is attached. Remember to use the reference in the bank transfer form. If there is an error with your credit transfer, please contact immediately our rental supervision, vuokravalvonta@yhkodit.fi  or 010 227 3006.

In order to keep up-to-date with water tax and separate billing, the resident must inform any changes (persons moving in/out, birth of a child, etc.) to the maintenance company and rent supervision.

Car parking

The parking space does not automatically come with the apartment. It must be settled separately when applying for an apartment or when making a lease. During your stay, you can inquire about free car parking places by email autopaikat@yhkodit.fi

Notice of arrival

Notice of arrival

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Moving out

Termination of the lease

Rental apartment

The notice period of the rental apartment is one calendar month. Termination must be made by electronic form via our web site or in writing on our printed lease form. You will receive confirmation by email. We will not return the security deposit for the lease until the lease has ended.

Right of residence

The Notice period of the right of residence apartment is three calenden month. The termination must be made in writing on our printed leas form. You will receive confirmation by mail.

Final cleaning

The final cleaning for the flat must be made when moving out of the apartment, before the keys are handed back. The cleaning must be made to a standard that allows the new tenant to begin using the flat without cleaning. In case the final cleaning is neglected, YH Kodit is allowed to invoice the tenant separately according to the amount invoiced by the provider of the cleaning service.

  • All floor surfaces must be vacuumed and washed (laminated floors wiped)
  • Stains on doorways, closets, walls and light switches need to be removed
  • Windows doesn’t need be washed unless they are particularly dirty
  • Balcony and storage closet must be cleaned

Pay special attention to the following:


  1. Washing the freezer/fridge from the outside and inside, vacuum cleaning the back grid
  2. Defrosting the freezer
  3. Washing the stove from the outside and inside, cleaning the back wall and floor under the stove
  4. Cleaning the cupboards from the outside and inside
  5. Cleaning the ventilation valves/hood and filter
  6. Plugging both pipes of the dishwasher connection (check the tightness) and reinstalling the original cabinet door to where the dishwasher has been.

Sauna, shower room and toilet

  1. Cleaning the toilet seat and sink
  2. Cleaning the sauna and washroom floor and washing room walls
  3. Cleaning the benches in sauna
  4. Cleaning the floor drains
  5. Cleaning the ventilation valves
  6. Plugging washing machine connection

The equipment belonging to the apartment (e.g. window key, tenant folder) must be left to the apartment.

When inspecting the flat, our inspector will take into account any faults that you have reported using the fault report form. This, however,  requires that you have returned the form to us when moving into the flat.

The apartment inspection is part of our effort to keep the homes of YH Kodit Oy in good shape and comfortable.

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